Messy Sessions

Why messy play?

Messy play is immensely beneficial to a child’s development. It helps them to develop concentration and problem-solving, conversation skills, curiosity in the world, imagination and social development. Messy play can be one of the first opportunities children have to express themselves creatively.


Many of the children who come to a Messy Session become engrossed in an activity, sometimes for the whole session. You can see their wonder at digging in soil to find bulbs or their fascination as they mix paint colours into gloop. It is an opportunity to play without boundaries. Catherine and I are always looking for new ways to allow the children to explore with Messy play so no two sessions are ever the same.

Why come to a Messy Session?

As parents ourselves we know that it can be difficult and challenging to find space and time to introduce Messy play at home, paint prints on the walls, glitter stuck to the floor and play dough in the carpet is not a pleasant prospect. However we also know how much fun children have doing these activities especially with the choice and variety that is offered at our Messy Play Sessions. We offer a space that is safe for children ton explore in and for parents to enjoy enhancing their development.


Each Messy Play session is different, we incorporate what we know is popular with children of different ages and we aim to include particular favourites of the children who attend. We are constantly looking for inspiration and new activities to keep each session engaging.  A key part of each messy session is the take home creation. We have found that children and parents love taking a memento of the session home to show other family members and talk about what they did.

IMG_5372When and Where is Messy Hands?

Our sessions are run in block of 5 in a range of locations across Munster. Our regular location are Cork city, Ballincollig and Limerick but the locations change regularly.

We also bring our Messy Play Session to toddler groups and charity groups across the province, please Contact Us if you would like more information.

What should we wear to Messy Hands?

Whilst all children will be provided with overalls or aprons we suggest that they wear clothes that you are happy for them to get messy. In addition parents may wish to wear clothes that they don’t mind getting paint or glue or gloop on!

If you have any more questions about our messy sessions or would like to make a booking, please do so via our Contact page, on email or contact Esther on 086 409 5291.