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Messy Inspiration

When Catherine and I sit down to plan our Messy Sessions we get our inspiration from a variety of places. It can be the change in seasons, something we saw on TV, our children often give us ideas, we also love website such as Pintrest to get our creative juices going!

I have just returned from holiday and while we were away we visited the San Diego Children’s museum. They had some fantastic ideas and activities for children to get them to engage with art, craft and music. One of the most simple ideas captured my imagination, a paper mache wagon with a paper mache cactus and paper mache fences had been put out. The children were given gigantic tubs of paint and brushes and encouraged to paint any part of display they liked. Each piece was thick with paint as hundreds, maybe thousands of children have enjoyed their turn to paint on a giant scale.

Eli Childrens museum

Having arrived home I wanted to try out some similar at our Kanturk Messy Session. Very simply we put out a large cardboard box, drew on a few different shapes and left out paint and brushes. The children instantly took to painting each side of the box. Having something 3D to paint made it all the more exciting! We would definitely try this activity again, perhaps being even more adventurous with the pieces we select for the children to paint. An old chair, create our own paper mache statue or maybe create a train or car from boxes. The options are endless! Come along to one of our Messy Sessions around Cork and find out what we will try out next!!!


Written by Esther Andrews, founder of Messy Hands Ltd.

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